AWS refers to Amazon web services and it is basically a platform that offers its cloud computing services and APIs to individuals, companies, and government. AWS is one of the most powerful tools that a website can equip and with AWS websites can have a cost-effective, and on-demand storage service. It also allows command and control over the information and data based on the users’ preferences. This whole AWS interface should be developed to suit the website responsible for setting up, maintaining, and evolving the cloud infrastructure of web applications. It is very beneficial to learn AWS. There are very good options for Aws training in Hyderabad and applying for this training can help boost anybody’s career. 

Advantages of AWS training from us

  • Prepare for the future – Technology is available everywhere and we are moving towards an era where everything is digital. Moving forward cloud technology and data computing are essential elements in running a business. It is estimated that 83% of the workload will be transferred to the cloud and when companies start working with the cloud they are very likely to choose AWS and having an AWS certification will help because companies will look for certified professionals to manage their operations. We offer AWS training in Hyderabad and our coaching can help you master various AWS certifications. 
  • Career options – Getting an AWS certification is not so easy and one should work very hard to gather knowledge, practice, and stick to learning AWS technologies. It is also important for one to be up-to-date with the latest trends and they have to make an effort to maintain the certification. Once they have a certification they can also learn other skills relating to AWS like AWS DevOps Engineer certification after AWS Developer associate certification. Doing different certifications allows professionals to widen their horizon and apply for different jobs which require AWS certification. 
  • Appreciation – When you complete an AWS certification you get a digital badge that you can upload on social media sites and even on your resume. It is only fair that certified candidates are appreciated and acknowledged. Completing different certifications will grant different badges. AWS organizes events where these certified professionals get instant access by using their badge. Learning and mastering various AWS courses is worth the struggle because you get a great job and along with that you get badges that give access to various AWS Summit events and AWS Certification Lounges. We are one of the best Aws institutes in Hyderabad and can help you out by giving professional guidance through the course 
  • Display Efficiency – AWS is a really hard certification to complete and one should be really committed and focussed to pass the certification exam. People who try to get certification are highly motivated and have all the required knowledge but many of them fail to get a certification. Once you get an AWS certification you can use it to prove your efficiency and commitment towards learning. AWS certification is highly valuable and the certificate implies the perseverance of certified professionals. All your traits and skills can be backed if you have proof in the form of AWS certification. 
  • Better chances at clearing AWS certification – AWS certifications were introduced in 2013 and it was way harder to complete those certifications back then. We have come a long way forward and now institutes like ours help people by preparing different sample papers, study material, and professional coaching on different aspects. There are also digital and virtual training services available now and when you apply for these training you get to understand the core services of AWS and get hands-on experience on working with it. 
  • Better pay – We help you learn AWS and guide you to get a certification. There is a good chance that you get an impressive pay after learning AWS skills from us. The average salary for a certified AWS professional is USD 113,932. and even if you take some time to get a certification you get a job that could offer USD 90,512. This is a monthly paycheck and getting such a good paycheck is a dream come true for many. Companies also employ AWS professionals because they can use these professionals and get the status of an official AWS partner.

We are one of the Best AWS institutes in Hyderabad and getting training from our professionals can help you take your career to new heights. 

List of available courses

The curriculum and the list of available courses change from time to time. We live in a dynamic environment and our needs change from time to time. To meet these demands there are updates to the existing courses and new courses are added regularly. Our Aws institutes in Hyderabad are always on par with the latest updated version of the Amazon certification course. Some of the latest courses that we offer include Amazon Simple Storage Service, Databases such as AWS DynamoDB or RDB, Amazon AWS Elastic Cloud Computer, and many more. 

Job roles

Doing a certified AWS course can allow you to take up different types of jobs. Here are three job roles that you can apply after completing the AWS certification. 

  • Cloud Practitioner – A person who completed AWS certification can fit in perfectly for the role of cloud practitioner because they will have all the knowledge about working with cloud services and computing the data. A cloud practitioner should also know a lot about core security and services and pricing and have experience working in that field.
  • Architect – The role of an IT architect is always in demand and almost all companies need an article to develop their AWS infrastructure. Completing AWS AWS training in Hyderabad equips you with all the required knowledge regarding Route53, S3, and CloudFront which is necessary to back this job. 
  • Developer – Being an AWS developer is one of the most common jobs but it is a promising one. The role of the developer includes working with WS services such as AWS CLI and APIs and writing applications. You can use your creativity and take the help of AW to solve various problems by creating applications.

Why take AWS training in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is home to some of the biggest tech companies and the biggest Amazon office is located in Hyderabad. The city offers great opportunities for IT technicians. We have the Best AWS institute in Hyderabad and our trainers are hardened professionals who share a vast amount of experience working in various job roles. Our experts have all the required knowledge, professional background, and skills to teach AWS courses.