What is Amazon Web Services?

Amazon Web Services is an evolving cloud computing platform technology provided by Amazon. It provides a mixture of different services like Infrastructure as a service (Iaas), Platform as a service (Paas) and Packaged Software as a service (Saas).

About Aws 

Aws was launched in 2006 by Amazon to handle its online retail operations (or) tasks. Amazon is the first company to introduce a new cloud computing model called pay as you go. This model provides the users with different services of Aws such as Compute, Storage etc as required by the user.

An overview of Aws

Services provided by Aws: Amazon web services is growing business unit providing many services to various companies of different sizes in the field of infrastructure in the cloud. It provides various services such as compute power, Storage and many other services that given access to the global computing infrastructure.

  • Compute: Amazon Web Services provides the service called compute for computing capacity through providing virtual servers i.e., instances. These instances are provided by Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud computing capacities varies with variation in capacities and sizes of instances. Aws is provided with an autoscaling tool to scale the capacity to maintain the performances of the instances i.e., virtual servers.
  • Storage: Aws Provides storage services through Amazon Simple Storage Service. This provides an object for data backup. The range of this storage is up to 5GB inside s3 buckets. So, a business can save its memory since it can reduce frequent access storage to its data through s3 buckets. Amazon Elastic Block storage provides block-level storage volumes with use of EC2 instances. Amazon Elastic File system offers cloud-based file storage. A business can provide more security to its data by migrating it to cloud via storage devices called Aws Snowball and Snowmobile.
  • Data Management: Aws provides database services through its Amazon Relational Database service. This includes various options for Oracle, SQL Servers, My SQL, Maria DB. It provides another high-performance database service called Amazon Quora.
  • Migration of Hybrid Cloud: Aws includes various tools and services designed to help the user to migrate applications, databases, servers, and data onto its public cloud.
  • Networking: Aws is mainly a cloud technology, an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) gives a control of his Aws Cloud. This is provided with new resources for extra protection.

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Benefits of Amazon Web Services

Many Other Important Services Provided by Aws are

  • Development of tools and application services – A developer can make use of Aws tools and software development kits are available for a variety of programming languages including Java, Python, Ruby, C++, Android, and IOS.
  • Management and Monitoring – An admin can manage and track out the cloud resource configuration through Aws Configuration rules. These tools can help in avoiding improper and expensive cloud resource deployments.  An Aws customer can also monitor resource and application performance through a special feature called Amazon Cloud Watch.
  • Security Governance – Aws provides a range of services for the cloud security, Including Aws identity and access management, which allows admins to manage user resources.
  • Artificial Intelligence – This is an emerging technology in the cloud platform. The Amazon Artificial Intelligence consists of the set of tools which includes Amazon Lex for voice and text chat box technology. Amazon Polly for text to speech translation etc. Another special tool is Amazon Recognition for image and facial analysis.

Some of the other important services provided by Aws are Mobile Development, Messages & Notifications, Desktop and Streaming application Services.

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