Future Scope of Amazon Web Services

The average salary of an Aws Certified Professional is roughly around 13 Lakhs per annum, which is one among top five highest paying certifications in India and the average salary in united states is 114,000 $.

  • Aws Certified Solution Architect can get an average salary of 8 Lakhs in Associate Level
  • Aws Certified Solution Architect can get an average salary of 9 Lakhs in Professional Level

The cloud requirement is growing fast, so any knowledge regarding this technology will benefit future. In this field of cloud computing, Aws has captured more than 35% of share alone. Whereas Microsoft is in second place with 12% share. But Combining Microsoft, Google, and IBM are not even close to 30% of Cloud Market share. Therefore scope for Aws Certification will be in high demand for coming years. Largest enterprises that require specific cloud-based skills are usually demanding Solutions for Aws. As the use of cloud computing increases day by day and more companies, starting from startups to large corporate companies are moving towards Aws, there is a chance for jobs with Aws skills to emerge.

Aws made an entry in 2006, and today they have users exceeding 1,000,000. Through this, we can clearly understand, Aws is the biggest public cloud service, provider. Being the biggest provider and having most no. of customers means there will be huge opportunities in future and scope of Aws is high.

Job Opportunities Regarding Aws:

Aws is very wide topic regarding depending upon the skills, there are many opportunities. some of them are,

  • Operational Support Engineer
  • Cloud Software Engineer
  • Cloud Developer
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Aws Solution Architect
  • Aws Sysops Administrator
  • Server Aws Cloud Architect

Experienced Required by the Candidates:

  • Designing in Scalable and Reliable Applications on Aws
  • An ability to migrate complex multiplex applications on Aws

In India, Topmost Mnc’s are providing a salary of nearly 15 – 20 Lakhs per annum to Aws Certified Professionals. Moreover, one can not tell the salary just based on certification. There are various things that affect the salary even a fresher can do a certification and the experienced person can do the same certification. So, salary will be different for both of them.

Factors that may affect salary are:

  • Total Experience
  • City
  • Your Relevant experience in Aws Technology
  • Company

In India, a fresher having an experience of one year, the salary is around 4 – 5 Lakhs. This increases by 20% each year.

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